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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wondering why there was no PB Planet Spotlight yesterday and no posts today? PB Planet was invaded! Sure, they called themselves "Kindergarteners" and the invasion a "Play Date," but if you look at the scribbled-on wall, juice-sticky floor, and cookie crumbs everywhere, you'll know it for what it was! As President of PB Planet, I'm declaring a State of Emergency until planetary clean-up is completed. (See you tomorrow, PBnauts!)


Anonymous said...

Some people will use anything as an excuse to skip a day of blogging!
Invasion .. indeed!

Ame Dyckman said...

Oh yeah? Come on over and see! (And bring rubber gloves. And peanut butter cups. And a pitcher of mojitos!)

Anonymous said...

If it would mean that I could be finished with just ONE of these deadlines, I'd be there with all three and a peanut butter pie!

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