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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's... Research!

HUSBAND GUY: "What's that?"
ME: "It's... research!"

So, how were these Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate PB Cups? The chocolate was fantastic, but the PB wasn't firm enough for my taste. And, I like the PB in PB candy to be sweeter than standard spreading PB, and this didn't seem sweet at all. But, a good overall experience. Hooray, research!


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried these yet myself, (but will!) I wouldn't actually expect Newman's Own to be overly sweet. Part of the idea of organic is to be as healthy as possible, which, I suspect, means not a lot of added sugar. I also love all-natural peanut butters - fresh-ground, with no sugar added. Very nice and nutty!

Ame Dyckman said...

Yeah, I like the concept of low-sugar... but I need the sugar to have the energy to run around like a maniac and burn off what I just ate! ;)

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