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Monday, November 9, 2009

Holly Hobbie… and the Plague?

Dearest PBNauts,

I didn’t mean to neglect you! I’m sorry! It’s just super-duper chaos here at the space station (the good kind!), so my posts for the next week or two might be a little erratic. (On the bright side, since I can’t follow a schedule, it’ll be a surprise when you come visit and see a new post! And who doesn’t like surprises? SURPRISE!)

But for now, I have some great PB (both kinds!) info to share! Here we go!

First, the edible PB news: for all you PB&J lovers, there’s a new bread “base” for you! Arnold now makes these fab little pre-sliced Sandwich Flatbreads! See the one I had for breakfast this morning? Lightly toasted, PB and cherry jelly. YUM! Buy a pack, create your own Masterpiece PB&J, and leave a comment about it!

Now, the PB-with-pages news and reviews!

What a strange mix o’ books I read in the last few days! Here’s a few for ya! Did you read them? What did you think?

Aunt Matilda’s Almost-Boring Party (Front Street, Boyds Mill Press, 2009). A young boy is nodding off at his Aunt’s oh-so-perfect party, and that’s when things get interesting…

City Alphabet by Joanne Schwartz, photos by Matt Beam (Groundwood Books, House of Anansi Press, 2009). Extraordinary urban A-to-Z featuring photos shot in the downtown of a major city. (Nope, not gonna tell you! Pick it up, thumb through it, and see if it looks like your city!)

Constance and Tiny by Pierre Le Gall, illustrated by Eric Heliot (English translation by Shannon Rowan and Robert Agis, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2009). The adventure of a truly horrid little girl and her enormous kitten, Tiny. (The back cover states, “You’re going to love hating them!”—and you will! You really will!)

Constance and the Great Escape by Pierre Le Gall, illustrated by Eric Heliot (English translation by Shannon Rowan and Robert Agis, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2009). Constance is sent to the Jolly Boarding School, where she hatches a truly devious plan to get out and rejoin her beloved kitten, Tiny.

Fanny & Annabelle by Holly Hobbie (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2009). In this second Fanny book, Fanny writes her own PB, starring her doll, Annabelle. This fun story-within-a-story is sure to inspire the young author in your house! (And I’ll tell ya a secret: I had Holly Hobbie—the character—wallpaper in my room when I was in middle school. You know you’re jealous!)

Fish School by Nancy Poydar (Holiday House, 2009). Charlie wishes his goldfish, Wishy, could accompany him on his school trip to the aquarium. Then he gets an idea…

Lucy’s Cave: A Story of Vicksburg, 1863 by Karen B. Winnick (Boyds Mill Press, 2008). Powerful fictionalized account of a real eleven-year-old girl’s experience living in a cave in Vicksburg, Mississippi during the Union army attacks of Spring, 1863.

The Medieval Plague by Shevi Johnson (Capstone Press, 2010). Another chipper book from our friends at Capstone, the folks who brought you The Miserable Life of Medieval Peasants. (I had to watch Teletubbies for a bit to recover after reading this one. Needed the giggling baby sun and some bunnies to bring me back.)

OK GO by Carin Berger (Greenwillow Books, HarperCollins Publishers, 2009). Unique “go green!” message with zany collage art.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the PB Planet Spotlight Review! I’m super-thrilled to have discovered I Want a Dog! by Helga Bansch (North-South Books Inc., 2009). Lisa LOVES dogs. Dreams of dogs. Wants a dog! But her parents insist their apartment is too small for one. When her efforts to change their minds fail, Lisa comes up with a wonderfully inventive compromise that makes everyone happy (and helps someone in need, too). A MUST-HAVE if Lisa’s request is common to your house, too! So… zoom on over to your local bookstore and bring a copy back to your home planet today!

Gotta blast off, PBnauts! And remember, even if I’m not blogging regularly, I still love you! (“Awwww!”)

OOPS! Just realized I still haven’t posted about my fabulous “searched for it for 20 years PB!” (Ain’t I a tease?!)



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ame, for the many PB mini-reviews. My library is tiny and doesn't have many books you're reviewed that have perked my ears up, but I keep looking. And "I Want a Dog!" has perked my ears up! (So I'll go look :0)
Hope to see you Wednesday, too!

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