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Thursday, June 25, 2009

PB Pounds!

So, I was wondering how much my library book bag weighed, and when I wonder something, I have to find out. Can you see it? That's 19 pounds of PBs! So much for "light reading!" Ha ha ha!

UPDATE: Just got back from the library. Turned in the 19 pounds of PBs I read, determined to try to exhibit a little more self-restraint at check-out today... But, well you see, a bunch of new PBs just came in, and...

21 pounds.


aln said...

great website!


Ame Dyckman said...

Thanks, Anita! You and Kathy and all the folks-in-the-know said to blog about stuff you like and know, so when it clicked that two of the things I dig most on the planet had the same acronym... voila, PB Planet! (Now if I can only come up with a way to work in funky hair dye, too...)

Jeannine Norris said...

Looks great Ame! Good luck with the new blog. I'll add it to my "writer friends" link on my blog.

Corey said...


You are hilarious! I'm in the Cayman Islands (in the pouring rain) but I will link you to my blog as soon as I get back!

Ame Dyckman said...

Wow! Thanks, Jeannine! I added your blog, too. This is so much fun! (Okay, I haven't done the dinner dishes yet, but... this is so much fun!)

Ame Dyckman said...

Corey! I am HONORED that you're writing from your island vacation, but totally bummed for you that it's raining! I... I hope the rain unearths some cool old gold doubloons on the beach and you find them and are then this Cayman Islands historic National Hero and they invite you back anytime you want to stay for free and you can bring your writer friends with you and it's not raining then! (Whew. Oh yeah, bring me!)

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