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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monsters! Lions! Candy! And, a CONTEST!

Mornin,' PBnauts! Join me and my big ol' cup o' coffee, toasty little bowl of PB oatmeal, and let's see what's new on the Planet today!

"OHHHH... just a few more days 'til the Wild Things mooo-vie! A few more days 'til the Wild Things mooo-vie! I can hardly wait! It's gonna be so great! RUM-PUS RUM-PUS RUM-PUS!" (shakes heinie) Okay, this is why I'm not allowed to use the Webcam.

Speaking of Wild Things, feast your peepers on these fabulous homemade original beloved-version costumes by amazing artist Sarah Clark! She made these for herself and housemates for last year's "Gimme Candy!" day. I so, SO hope that they suit up when they go to the movie. Can you imagine sitting next to them in the theater? Check out the costume progression at Sarah's site,

IN THE PB PLANET MAILBOX: A lovely little note from Moonbear (with a little help from his friend, Frank Asch)! SO CUTE! Moonbear told Monkeykid he was eating honey while typing, his paws were getting sticky, and then the text got all goofy! Big PB Planet thanks to PBnaut Heather ( for sharing her own writing-to-Moonbear story in Friday's post's comments!

I promised to share my latest cool 1970s used-book-sale PB find, and here it is! Harry and the Terrible Whatzit by Dick Gackenbach (Scholastic Inc., 1977). Harry just knows there's something terrible in the cellar, but Mother doesn't believe him. But when Mother goes down to get a jar of pickles and doesn't come back up, Harry goes after her. Armed only with a broom (and some super-fly 1970s fashion), Harry discovers, behind the furnace, a ten-foot-tall "double-headed, three-clawed, six-toed, long-horned Whatzit!" So what does Henry do? He (still laughing as I type this) proceeds to BEAT THE CRAP out of the Whatzit with the broom! As Harry's no longer afraid of it, the Whatzit shrinks! Harry then directs the peanut-sized Whatzit next door to Sheldon Parker's cellar, because "he's afraid of everything!" I just love this oh-so 70's PB--the awful colors, the really horrible monster, the bell-bottom trousers, and the take-charge action that you'd never find in a modern "kid-conquers-fear" story. (I just know I'm gonna get mail from the Monster Protection Agency now, though!)

Can't. Lift. My back-to-the library bag! MUST return my books today, including these recent reads:

How to Potty Train Your Monster by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Mike Moon (Disney Hyperion Books, 2009). (Okay, I know I promised no more scatological humor after the "Columbus had to poo" post, but this creative little book is a riot!)

It's a Bad Day by Mary Ellen Firday, illustrated by Glin Dibley (Rising Moon Books, 2006). I admit it: I got it because of the kid picking his nose on the cover. C'mon, wouldn't you?

s: Amazing Animals by Jacqueline Dineen (Weigl Publishers Inc., 2010--wha? But that's what it says! "2010!"). Great lion facts. Did you know there's a super-rare Asiatic lion that lives in India? I didn't!

The Lion & The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Hachette Book Group, 2009). Absolutely gorgeous. Tons of little details. Pure genius, Mr. Pinkney.

Seymour Slug Starts School by Carey Armstrong-Ellis (Harry N. Abrams Publishers, Inc., 2005). Now, I can say I've read a book with a Fairy Slugmother. (Okay, I could've said it before, but now I'd be telling the truth.)

Now, the promised "Strangest PB Candy I Ever Ate" review!

The candy: Trader Joe's PB& J Bar.
The ingredients: tasty milk AND dark chocolate, a nice thick slab of sweet PB, a super-chewy raspberry jam fruit jelly layer... and CRUSHED POTATO CHIPS! No kidding! They're hiding there under the chocolate!
The verdict: Soft AND chewy, sweet AND salty... totally weird, but GOOD! And, the first 3 PBnauts to post a comment to this post containing the words "Gimme Candy!" in it will each win one!

IN THE NEXT POST: Finally found: the PB I was searching for for two decades! (That's the book-kind PB. Otherwise, that would be pretty gross.)

Have a mega-fantastic day, PBnauts!


Anonymous said...

Now they were sounding p-r-e-t-t-y fabu until you said potato chips. But hmmmm, chips with a PBnJ - yeah, it's all good. So I'm sayin' it - Gimme Candy!

Corey Schwartz said...

The Monster Protection Agency? Now there's a PB idea right there. Want to write that one with me?

StrugglingSerpent said...

I'm following your blog...and not just for the weird PB candy!

Corey Schwartz said...

Gimme Candy!

Ame Dyckman said...

(laughing) Okay, guys, I'm gonna count that as a "Gimme candy!" from Jeanne, Corey, and Bettelynn. I'm catching the mid-afternoon shuttle down to Earth, and off to Trader Joe's!

Cate's Folly said...

Can you guarantee that my monster will be potty trained if I get that book? I mean seriously late here. Seriously. We need a potty whisperer b/c my son is afraid the toilet is going to eat him if he sits on it. I'm sure this is my fault somehow.

Ame Dyckman said...

Thanks for the great comments, everybody! Corey, you know I think you're a genius and I'd love to collaborate with you on a book, but like you said before, which agent would rep it?! ;) Cate, do you happen to have a little mirror with a handle (like a hairstylist mirror?). Better yet, go do an outing with your little one and buy one of these special "Monster Mirrors." Have Little Guy hold the mirror over the potty before he gets on. That way, if any monsters or hiney-eating toilets are looking, they'll get scared and run away. And then, Little Guy can hold the Monster Mirror in case the monster/toilet tries anything funny. (But, he ONLY gets it on the potty, right?) Good luck!

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